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From the President (Mot du President)

Posté par iterambere le 26 mai 2011

During its long history, our country, Rwanda has experienced periods of very serious violence, slavery-like reigns, till the genocide. The violence can be explained by the thirst for power of our pretended leaders. To sit and to remain in power, these leaders do not hesitate to use heavy weapons, even sectarianism, whether regional or ethnic while committing the most horrific crimes ever known to humankind. All these conflicts have created a climate of distrust and hatred deep in all layers of the Rwandan population, leading to incessant fratricidal wars until today.

In addition, the current regime in Kigali tyrannize much of the population through suppression, exclusion, the appropriation of the property belonging to the dead and the living by the grass roots courts  (Gacaca) for regime’s own interests. This totalitarian, divisive and repressive regime continues to push many Rwandans to flee the country into exile. Young people who can not escape into exile are forced to enrol in the army and sent to fight their brothers in the Congo, always for the interests of the ruling junta.

Faced with this situation, we, the youth in exile, have decided to take the future in our hand, making ourselves active in the political affairs of our country. We’ll put out the fire of hate and we will heal the past, we will reconcile Rwandans and we will establish democracy. We want to leave a better future for our children, instead of leaving them a heritage of machetes or guns to kill each other.

We are facing a major challenge, to liberate our country from tyranny and exclusion. It is our duty and it is also the duty of every Rwandan aware of the danger posed by a one-man government. We aim to relieve this crisis through inter-Rwandan dialogue and democratic means.

However if the path of democratic dialogue is rendered impossible by refusal to dialogue among Rwandans, the practices of intimidation, permanent exclusion, unjustified imprisonment and any other form, the unjustified stiffness of the regime by refusing any democratic change and opposing inter-Rwandan dialogue that we suggest, other means could be employed by the nation to liberate itself, and the authorities in Kigali will be accountable for the consequences that this could create.

But violence is not an option because it would put the system of opportunities to demonstrate its willingness to massacre its people under the pretext of fighting enemies that threaten national security.

For now, we want change through democratic voice and inter-Rwandan dialogue.

Let’s work together for change.



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